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Specializing in the recruiting and placement of military personnel into the civilian job market.

Welcome to MilitaryLeaders.com

MilitaryLeaders.com specializes in the recruiting and placement of military personnel -- officer and enlisted, veterans and retirees -- into the civilian job market. Additionally, we also work with Information Technology Specialists, getting them placed into the workforce.

Our candidates have been placed in careers such as administration, customer service, communications, engineering, manufacturing, operations, procurement, production, information technology, transportation, sales, logistics, warehousing, and various other technical positions.

Our staff is comprised of former Corporate Executives, Military Personnel, and Information Technology Professionals.

Product and Services

MilitaryLeaders educates companies on how to attract and retain military candidates. MilitaryLeaders places candidates into the civilian job market through the use of many options with our corporate clients. We have many recruiting / staffing methodologies to connect the employers and candidates to include:

Special Recruiting Events

  • Our Marquee Product which has an overwhelming placement success rate
  • This is an EXCLUSIVE recruiting event for your company
  • You provide MilitaryLeaders with a specific position, job description and give a corporate overview
  • Interviews will take place at a hotel, your facility or other convenient venue
  • We pre-screen, pre-qualify and present you with an interview day of highly qualified candidates
  • Typically 8-10 candidates for one or multiply positions
  • Interviews are usually between 30 and 45 minutes
  • This option offers a unique opportunity for some local and or national public relations. Local papers, TV and community groups make the public aware of your aspirations to hire military candidates
  • $ 500.00 engagement fee

Military Education Seminar

  • 5 hour consulting project to educate and evaluate HR/recruiters or large groups on how /where to recruit military candidate.
  • The seminar can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization.
  • We can help to implement a military recruiting strategy.
  • We identify the military profiles that align with your positions.
  • This can be conducted nationwide or in a webinar format.
  • $ 500.00 seminar fee.

Direct Referrals

  • This occurs when you are unable to attend a hiring conference or host an SRE.
  • You provide us with a specific position, job description and give a corporate overview.
  • We pre-screen, pre-qualify candidates and present via Email or fax.
  • You review and if interested start the interview process.
  • Contact us and we will set up the interview and prepare the candidate.
  • You interview and conduct your hiring process as you normally do.
  • Each hire is fee based on a percentage of the first year salary.

Hiring Conference Summary (held Quarterly in Philadelphia)

  • Multiple candidates & companies attend a hiring event for separating or experienced military heroes.
  • You provide us with a specific position, job description and give a corporate overview.
  • Interviews will take place at a suite hotel or other convenient venue.
  • We pre-screen, pre-qualify and present you with an interview day of highly qualified candidates.
  • Typically 8-10 candidates for one or multiply positions.
  • Interviews are usually between 30 and 45 minutes.
  • Interviews start at 8:30 and conclude around 4:30.
  • Breakfast and lunch are included free.
  • The venue is FREE unless someone is hired.
  • We offer many different fee options.

Other recruiting and staffing options

  • Many options exist for a company to achieve a successful military recruiting strategy.
  • Retained, flat fees and contingency options are available.
  • Discounts and incentives for volume hiring.
  • We also offer some of the best guarantees in the industry – because of our ability supply top-notch quality candidates.
  • Other offerings include job fairs, job postings and seminars.


As an employer, you are probably wondering about this question. What advantages do former military personnel have over other employees? Maybe some of the following information will convince you

  • Identity & Loyalty: Recent studies show that our military community totals about 49 million US citizens. They share a strong sense of identity. An overwhelming majority views their military service as a vital, positive force in their lives. They possess a fierce loyalty to the institutions, organizations, and companies that serve the community.
  • Computer Skills & Training: Service members are graduates of the world's largest system of professional and technical training schools operated by the DoD. 92% of active duty military personnel in the US use computers at work. 40% of military personnel have job assignments that involve information resource management. Many transitioning service members also possess experience and skills involving telecommunication systems, hardware, and software (a readily transferable skill).
  • Highly Motivated: The military is one of the most demanding professions in the world. Rigorous military training produces highly motivated individuals who set high goals for themselves. Their training and experience instill a mindset oriented to working towards an objective until it is achieved, no matter how difficult the challenge. This mindset can be harnessed to the task of achieving the goals of your company!
  • Higher Education Standards: The current military member is more educated than at any other time in history. The current quality standards demand it. Over 97% off all military members are high school graduates, and over 36% have graduated or attended college.
  • Lower Relocation Costs: The government covers most, if not all of the moving expenses for transitioning military members anywhere.
  • Increased Productivity: The nature of today's military demands an individual who is quick to learn, and ready to adapt to any situation. They have a shorter learning curve and more experience leading people and building teams than their civilian counterparts. They are used to learning and functioning with little supervision.
  • Work Ethic: Military members are more dependable and reliable than your average "off the street" hires. They are career seekers, not job-hoppers. Military life instills discipline, respect, loyalty and commitment. They know the value of teamwork, and of being resourceful. Over 70% of Fortune 1000 Executives are former military members.
  • International Experience: Many service members have lived and worked internationally, and are receptive to international assignments. Many speak more than one language.
  • Diversity: Highly-skilled, well-educated female and minority candidates are well-represented in the pool of transitioning military personnel. According to the Wall Street Journal, "...the military represents the single largest pool of diversity talent available."
  • Pre-screened: Today's military thoroughly screens it candidates and accepts only the best. A thorough background check is performed upon entrance, and frequent, random drug testing is a fact of military life. Additionally, the security clearances held by some military personnel requires an even more intensive background check before that clearance (and trust) is granted!
  • Management, Communication, and People (Interpersonal) Skills: Military members have a higher level of management and communications skills than your average worker. They are "briefing" senior officers on the status of their areas of responsibility. Service members readily manage multiple, and sometimes conflicting priorities. They know how to decipher the difference between what's important and what's urgent and respond accordingly. They provide formal counseling as well as on-the-spot counseling in order to reinforce the goals of the organization. They are taught how to resolve problems and conflicts at the lowest level possible. With today's frequent deployments to various locations around the world, military members also have to develop strong people skills -- looking after other members and their families when deployed, giving assistance when a personal crisis occurs, and knowing which agencies to turn to when professional assistance is needed.

Need we say more?

If this is the type of employee you are looking for, contact us! We can help to bring employees like these to your company.

Functional Areas:

  • Pharma.
  • Medical Device.
  • Biomedical.
  • Life Sciences.
  • Contract Services.
  • Supply Chain.
  • Transportation.
  • Human Resources.
  • Engineering, and Legal.
  • Information Technology.
  • Executive Operations.
  • Financial, Sales and Marketing.
  • Energy.
  • Utility.
  • Gaming.

The benefits of using an executive search firm

Why are candidates and companies turning to executive search firms? The benefits for both parties of the recruitment process are plentiful.

The benefits for companies:

  • Search is usually done quicker.
  • Interview Process tends to be shorter.
  • Streamlined with one trusted firm.

The benefits for the job seekers:

  • Assist individual candidates with career and interview preparation.
  • Can generally be conducted in a confidential manner.
  • Become a valued resource for the executive and career counselor for life.

Partner Plan – Flat Fee

Engagement Fee: $10,000.00


  • Flat $ 10,000 – complete

  • No additional investment

  • Exclusive Engagement/Search

  • $5k paid within 5 days of engagement

  • $5k paid within 10 days of candidate start date

  • Assigned a Full-time Recruiter and researcher

  • Military and Civilian candidatese

  • 12 hours per day coverage (East to West)

  • Position / Client Interview We take detailed information on your hiring requirements - We take detailed information on your hiring requirements

  • Appropriate for salaries and positions up to 90k

  • You will have the option for direct referral or a Special Recruiting Event where we set an interview day of prescreened and highly qualified candidates based on your internal requirements and hiring specifications

  • Candidates are also vetted for their interest in the career and opportunity

  • The candidates are interviewed by your company representatives

  • Typical interview day consists of 5-8 candidates

  • At the end there is a debrief with MilitaryLeaders and the company representatives to discuss next steps

  • All hires include a 120-day replacement guarantee

  • Engagement fee must be paid before the even

  • Additional hires – discounted rate

  • Position must be approved by MLC research team

  • Bi-monthly reports will be issued to ensure satisfaction

  • Discounted fees on all other position

  • This option offers a 35% + discount

Areas of Specialization and Disciplines Serviced

  • Accounting
  • Construction
  • Consulting
  • Customer Service
  • Distribution
  • Engineering
  • Environmental
  • Finance
  • Food Service
  • Insurance
  • Logistics
  • Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Operations
  • Production
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications
  • Sales(Consumer, Medical, Technical)
  • Transportation
  • Utilities
  • Warehousing

Key Management Team

James A. Link, President - MilitaryLeaders, Retained Services

  • 25 years recruiting experience.
  • Active on many recruiting associations and Boards (SHRM, MAAPC, MIG).
  • Founder of MilitaryLeaders and many other recruiting boutiques – 15 years with CEM.
  • Author and Employment expert – Interviewed for TV and Radio.

Lawrence Celli, Executive Vice President, Retained Services, MilitaryLeaders

  • Retired Major – USMC – Highly decorated career.
  • 25 plus years retained recruiting experience
  • 12 years with MilitaryLeaders
  • Retained Search – Managing Partner
  • SME – All military recruiting initatives

Daniel Ebner, Director Client Services, MilitaryLeaders & StaffingLeaders

  • Candidate recruiting expert.
  • Corporate Manufacturing Experience as a leader.
  • Logistics – Distribution - Maintenance SME.

Donna Brady, Staffing Manager – MilitaryLeaders & StaffingLeaders

  • 19 years customer service and sales.
  • Manages resources and requirements of operating companies.
  • Started as secretary.
  • 6 years with MilitaryLeaders.
  • Job Fair Expert - Interviewed for TV for Job Fairs.

Dan McDade, Vice President - MilitaryLeaders & StaffingLeaders

  • Over 15 years recruiting experience.
  • 9 years with MilitaryLeaders.
  • Started as recruiter – 5 years with CEM/DLN.

Kathy Dawson, Operation Manager, MilitaryLeaders & StaffingLeaders

  • Handles A/P, A/R and most other finance related information.
  • Former mortgage researcher.
  • 6 years with MilitaryLeaders.
  • 10 years finance & mortgage experience.

Research Team

  • Joan Lemanowicz.
  • Sue Lemanowicz.


Trust and fairness

All activity, fees and relationships are designed to be fair for both organizations and develop trust by always doing what is best for the client.

Out-performance through rigorous measurement

Metrics and measurement. We measure whatever we can. We try to continually implement process improvements based on daily activity. We ask a lot of questions and that drives change and improvements.

Greatest benefit for the customer

The most important question for our team during the process is what is the best benefit for the client.

Taking responsibility

A new concept in today’s workforce. We will gladly take responsibility with our client. One of our big initiatives with candidates and teammates is to accept responsibility and take pride in all of our actions.

Competence as a success factor

All of our teammates are continually trained to ask fact finding questions and to raise our hand and ask questions when we do not know. During the process there really should be no surprises.

Lead by example

Our leadership team make the same client and candidate calls that our recruiters do. Maybe not as many but all the managers also “run a desk”.

Creating transparency

This can be hard as communicating is usually one of the most challenging components. Our cell numbers are given to the clients and we send bi-monthly recruiting updates on all searches – including contingency.

Inspiring the team

This includes the leadership. We try to involve teammates in decisions and offer accolades for a job well done – even if nothing tremendous happened. People like to feel needed and part of something. Here they can find it.

Challenge and support

We continually challenge our team members to become better recruiters and student of your world. Of course to accomplish this - we offer unbridle support to our team members. The latest and greatest tools and resources.